Classroom Course » Holding On or Letting Go

Dates & Times:
April 21, Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Continuing Education Institute of Illinois

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Dr. Paul M Martin will explore research on the topics of complicated grief and attachment theory.  He will then share his thoughts on the subtleties of diagnosing complicated grief, the importance of taking attachment style into consideration when designing treatment plans for bereaved clients, and the creative ways in which grief therapy can be strengthened by implementing treatment plans that are designed with the client in mind.  Lastly, Dr. Martin will discuss an often-misunderstood activity that research shows to be effective in traversing grief and mourning: ritual.

  • List four differences between uncomplicated grief and complicated grief.
  • Describe the fundamental tenets of attachment theory.
  • Recognize the essential differences between attachment styles and how each manifests differently amidst experiences of grief in clinical work.
  • Identify techniques that research shows to be more effective for complicated grief depending on the patient’s attachment style.
Intended Audience:

Counselors (Clinical/Professional)

Marriage and Family Therapists

Nurse Practitioners

Nurses (RNs/LPNs)


Social Workers

Others (please inquire)


Center for Grief Recovery
1261 W. Loyola
Chicago, Illinois
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 Paul Martin, Psy.D. 
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