Classroom Course » Thriving Through Trying Times

Dates & Times:
August 12, Wednesday 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Hosted By:
Continuing Education Institute of Illinois

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During this webinar attendees will have the opportunity to share how the pandemic has impacted their lives, as well as the lives of the clients that the serve. Few, if any people, imagined that our lives would turned around as they are today. Additionally, those in attendance will be given tools to use to address their own feelings surrounding the pandemic. These tools and ideas are designed to be shared with the clients the attendees serve in an effort to better help them cope in such challenging times.  It is completely acceptable to approach how we are all feeling as grief as we grieve the loss of our “normal” lives as well as the loss of hopes and dreams for 2020. Through acknowledging this change and learning ways to grieve, cope and practice self care we can make steps to thrive in these moments. The ideas shared in this webinar will help each of us navigate our way through these unprecedented time.

Please be sure to also register with Illinois Pioneer Coalition at  as we are only providing CEUs for this webinar.


Intended Audience:

Counselors (Clinical/Professional)


Marriage and Family Therapists

Nurse Practitioners

Nurses (RNs/LPNs)

Nursing Home Administrators

Occupational Therapists and COTAs

Physical Therapists and PTAs


Respiratory Care Therapists

Social Workers

Others (please inquire)
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 Cyndi Kieffer 
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