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Course Description:
This course will examine the brain structures related to sensory processing, regulation and relationship and how the structures and roles overlap. Looking specifically through the lens of the school -based setting and its unique needs and structure, this course provides an overview on the concept of regulation in the educational setting. The concept of "relationship" as a therapeutic tool and its application to the school setting will be examined, including impacts on the nervous system, brain and learning.
Course Objective:
  • Identify key brain structures and their roles related to sensory processing, regulation and relationship.
  • Identify the 7 main subtypes of sensory processing disorder.
  • Identify at least 3 key features of each subtype presentation.
  • Define the difference between regulation, modulation and arousal in terms of their roles on student presentation and behavior.
  • Identify key features of the different developmental levels of regulation, how they may be impacted by disordered sensory processing,  and how regulation levels impact social-emotional and higher level functions in school.
  • Identify at least 3 strategies for supporting regulation in students at various RTI tiers.
  • Recognize the interdependent relationship between sensory processing, regulation and relationship as a means of supporting or derailing development in students.
  • Identify the 6 therapeutic modes of relationship and when and how to apply each.
  • Identify what a "child led" approach is, the value in it, and how to apply it in the school setting.
Intended Audience:


Marriage and Family Counselor

Nurse (APN, RN, LPN)

Physical Therapist/PTA


Social Worker


Others, please inquire.
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