Online Course » STAR Institute Sensory Processing and Integration Overview

Course Description:
Discusses the necessity of integrated sensory systems to development as well as create an understanding of sensory processing and the SPD subtypes.
Course Objective:
  • Explain how the three areas of sensory, relationships, and regulation can support students in each of the three tiers of RTI.

  • Administer a variety of assessment tools to evaluate children with SPD in the school setting.

  • Utilize a multifaceted approach to sensory processing and integration that includes consultation, accommodations and modifications, and remedial direct support services.

  • Synthesize information in an OT assessment, write IEP’s, and collaborate effectively with student’s team.

  • Use clinical reasoning tools for intervention developed by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Dr. Sarah A. Schoen.

  • Observe client session videos, analyze through clinical reasoning, and discuss treatment planning.

  • Receive group processing/supervision guided by faculty level clinicians from the STAR InstituteIdentify key brain structures and their roles related to sensory processing, regulation and relationship.
Intended Audience:


Marriage and Family Counselor

Nurse (APN, RN, LPN)

Physical Therapist/PTA


Social Worker


Others, please inquire.
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