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Course Description:
The program, “Understanding Cannabis” will offer the most current information on medical cannabis including: a brief history of the plant as a medicine, laws & rules, types of cannabis, the human endocannabinoid system & how cannabis is absorbed into the body, ingestion methods, dosages, studies on cannabis & memory care, and more. Issues such as “what to expect,” “what are the differences between hemp & cannabis for CBD,” “how to dose medical cannabis and CBD medicines,” “resources for further study,” among others will be covered. These topics will be examined with an emphasis on safety & clear expectations for managing symptoms with cannabis.
Course Objective:
  • To bridge the gap of understanding between physicians and patients through education. 
  • To give practitioners an idea of how to dose cannabis &/or Hemp CBD.
  • To give physicians and their staff a basic understanding of how to most effectively use cannabis for symptom relief in their patients.
Intended Audience:


Physician Assistants

Other professionals seeking CMEs

Author Bio:

Jessica Became An Advocate For Medical Cannabis After Being Diagnosed With A Rare Blood Cancer Back In 2011.  She Suffers With Debilitating Daily Migraines, Migraines With Aura, And Dizziness. Doctors Diagnosed Her With Essential Thrombocythemia (E.T.) With A JAK2 Mutation. This Means That Her Body Cannot Shut Off Platelet Production, & That She Is Very High Risk For Clotting Issues. The Only Option Offered For Treatment Of Her E.T. Is A Lifelong Regimen Of Hydroxyurea, A Chemotherapy Drug.  Since Jessica Did Not Feel Comfortable With This Option, She Spent Months Visiting The Local Library And Scouring The Internet For Alternative Cures.  When She Found Studies On The Apoptotic Effect Of Cannabis On Cancer Cells, She Shared This Information With Her Hematologist. This Began Her Journey Into Using Medical Cannabis With The Doctor’s Approval & A Daily Low Dose Aspirin.  She Is Now Controlling Her Platelet Count Using CBD Rich Cannabis Oil, Hemp Based CBD Oil, & Other Medicinal Herbs Like Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, & Medicinal Mushrooms.

Jessica Is Passionate About Sharing Her Story And Has Spoken At Petition Hearings, Rallies, And On CBS News To Assist In The Progress Of The Illinois Medical Cannabis Program.  Most Recently Jessica Has Worked As The Marketing, Education, & Community Outreach Manager For Greenhouse Group’s Premier Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Here In Illinois.  She Also Helped To Open The Deerfield, IL (1st) Greenhouse Location Working As The General Manager Since Oct. 2015.    Furthermore, She Has Implemented Many Patient Care & Wellness Related Programs For Patients In IL Today.   Jessica Is Passionate About Helping Others And Helping Them To Understand The Use Of Cannabis & CBD As A Medicine.  She Now Offers IL State Approved Recreational Dispensary Staff Certification Training, Medical Staff Continuing Education Credit Courses, Public Educational Courses, CBD Classes, Workshops, And Much More . She Also Works As A Consultant To Dispensaries And For Patients Who Need Guidance.  She Has Many Additional Resources Available To Help You Through The Process Of Starting Cannabis Or Hemp Based CBD Therapies.

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