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The topics covered in this course include: Negotiation, Influencing, Persuasion and Negotiation, Start with yourself , Processing and Reacting, Self-talk, Take time to collect yourself, Redefining Yourself , Being Assertive, Look as if you mean it, Breathe, Mind movies, Bin the extras and Your Radar, Influence and Persuasion, The Groundwork, Seek views and support Research and gather Information, Making your case, Into the breach, Win what?, Do you need to negotiate?, Preparing to Negotiate, Research, Rally support, Contact fellow negotiators, Plan your approach, Use your communication skills, Building rapport, Match the mood, Restate the problem Reframe, Look for the positive, Ask questions to consolidate common ground, Use breaks and adjournments, Summarize regularly, Working through objections, Confirm agreement, Obtain commitment, Handling conflict, Responding to criticism, Sidetracking, Pulling rank, Being shouted at and Collaboration.

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