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Outlook 2010 - Tools
This course introduces the learner to the range of tools offered in Outlook including: the navigation pane; signatures and delivery confirmations; using the calendar; creating, assigning and viewing tasks; and journal tracking.

Project 2010
What is Project Management? This course answers that question and provides the learner with the skills necessary to use Project’s tools, options and schedules to track the multiple tasks and their interactions within the scope of any size project.

PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint offers an introduction to screen components; opening, saving, closing, creating, and editing presentations; and slide arrangement, layout and viewing options; presents instruction on templates, backgrounds, and gradients; text and graphic elements; headers and footers; and introduces the slide master and presentation notes; and will assi ...

Outlook 2010 - E-mail and Contacts
This course introduces the learner to the concepts and terms used in Outlook’s e-mail and contacts components, including: security considerations; e-mail theory and “Netiquette;” sending, receiving, and organizing e-mail; using the address book; and how Outlook components can be utilized to enhance productivity.

What is New in Office 2010
Learn about customizing the Office 2010 ribbon and backstage view; Excel’s slicers, sparklines and paste preview function; Outlook’s expanded search functionality, conversation view and mail tips; PowerPoint’s image manipulation tools, how to work with multiple presentations, slide sections, web broadcasting and video presentations; and Word’s quic ...

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