Online Course » Ethical Medical Decision-Making

Course Description:
This course provides a survey of different ethical perspectives to take in evaluating one's decisions in medical decision making.
Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

1.        Identify and describe the constructs and forces that shape ethical medical decision-making.

2.        Recognize and interpret different value systems in order to be sensitive to others’ beliefs and traditions

3.        Empower self to recognize and assess one’s own value system that may lead to action.

Intended Audience:

Health and Allied Health Professionals in Illinois, including but not limited to:


Counselors (Clinical/Professional)

Dental Hygienists


Marriage and Family Therapists

Massage Therapists

Nurse Practitioners

Nurses (RNs/LPNs)

Nursing Home Administrators

Occupational Therapists and COTAs

Physical Therapists and PTAs

Respiratory Care Therapists

Social Workers


Author Bio:
Elaine Osterbur, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Program of Health Sciences, Doisy College of Health Sciences, St. Louis University.  She received her Gerontology from Eastern Illinois University and earned her doctorate in Epidemiology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  Prior to her appointment at St. Louis University, she was in Instructor at U of I, teaching courses in Epidemiology, Medical Aspects of Disability, Medical Ethics, Human Sexuality, and Disability in American Society. 
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